TWCE Plantech assists with emergency building evacuation procedures and contingency plans 

Emergency Evacuations

It is the responsibility of the tenant to provide an emergency evacuation procedure.

With TWCE Plantech’s expertise, we can assist with these procedures and contingency plans to deal with fire scenarios appropriate to your building.

A key factor in conducting an effective evacuation is the provision of sufficient and appropriate signage; including the emergency evacuation plans.

TWCE Plantech assists clients in providing occupants with Emergency Evacuation Plans in key areas, so they can evacuate in a more organised and efficient manner.

If you are interested in these procedures and plans or other similar services please call us on +27 12 349 2253 or email us on info@twce.co.za


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First Floor, Block B
Sussex Office Park
473 Lynnwood Road
Lynnwood, 0081, Pretoria
Gauteng, South Africa


+27 12 349 2253