TWCE Plantech provides
comprehensive advice
including peer reviews and assessments



Through the sound analysis of any project, from a new multi-story building, large distribution centre or small office renovation, TWCE Plantech provides comprehensive advice.

We have a professional team, highly experienced in dealing with fire protection issues, focused on addressing the cause rather than symptoms.

Attention to detail and good communication are attributes we pride ourselves in, creating a professional relationship with our clients and relevant stakeholders.

With the arrival of more complex and efficient buildings, performance based design has become the norm in designing Fire Safety provisions.

Current prescriptive codes typically fail to address these adequately. Considering this, peer reviews of performance-based designs has become an internationally accepted means of verifying that these designs meet the required Fire Safety objectives.

Having expertise in multiple projects, in various fields, makes TWCE Plantech qualified to produce highly-respected peer reviews.

If you are interested in our consulting or peer review services please call us on +27 12 349 2253 or email us on


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First Floor, Block B
Sussex Office Park
473 Lynnwood Road
Lynnwood, 0081, Pretoria
Gauteng, South Africa


+27 12 349 2253