Range of Solutions and Services

TWCE Plantech offers a range of solutions and services to clients ensuring that we adapt to clients’ philosophies and specifications to best meet their needs.  We regularly provide a variety of services to the construction, retail and other similar types of industries.

Fire Designs

TWCE Plantech’s design services start at the very outset of a project

Fire Risk Assessments

TWCE Plantech conducts risk assessments, due diligence inspections as well as emergency evacuations simulations


TWCE Plantech surveys existing premises to verify fire safety compliance.


TWCE Plantech offers comprehensive advice for any building project

Emergency Evacuations

TWCE Plantech designs building emergency evacuation procedures and contingency plans

We have Solutions for Your Challenges


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First Floor, Block B
Sussex Office Park
473 Lynnwood Road
Lynnwood, 0081, Pretoria
Gauteng, South Africa


+27 12 349 2253